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Asia Biblical Theological SeminaryGraduation Application and Requirements


It is vital that students understand the following information in order to successfully complete the course of study and graduate from the program. All students should read everything carefully and make sure that they have met all requirements. The ABTS office, country coordinator, or the resident faculty will be happy to provide advice.

Required Courses and Degree Checklist

Checklists for the degree programs are provided to assist in planning the program of study. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has completed the necessary requirements in accordance with the checklist. A checklist displaying successful completion of all academic degree requirements must be submitted to the ABTS Office for approval prior to graduation.

Students are encouraged to download the M.A. degree checklist or M.R.E. degree checklist and closely monitor their progress to ensure that the necessary course requirements are being fulfilled.

Student Portfolio

All students are required to complete a Student Learning Assessment (SLA) for each course, plus three ministry Follow-Up Reports (FUR) analyzing attempts to apply new concepts in a ministry con- text. These reports, together with assessments from the professors, are gathered together into a portfolio kept in the ABTS office and reviewed before graduation. Although individual course assignments are cited in these forms, the assignments themselves are not retained in the portfolio. The student’s degree checklist, outlining courses taken to fulfill degree requirements, and an application for graduation must be submitted at least six months before graduation. Final summative reports involve the student’s evaluation of his/her growth during the degree program and a form completed by a ministry supervisor or colleague assessing/verifying at least five years of professional or lay ministry.

Application for Graduation

All students must make application for graduation. Students should notify the ABTS office when they have successfully completed 27 credit hours (9 modules) toward the MRE degree or 57 credit hours (19 modules) toward the MA degree. The office personnel will respond with an analysis of progress made toward graduation.

Graduation Application

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