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At Cornerstone University, we welcome perspectives from our alumni, especially those who are dedicated to the success of our university and want to see it continue to grow and thrive. These alumni are passionate advocates for the mission of Cornerstone and live out their Christlike values in their lives and work.

Ty Mason (B.S. ’15), ChairAlumni Board
Shaquille Anthony (M.A. ’19)Alumni Board
Jason Braford (B.A. ’03)Alumni Board
Jenna Bragenzer (B.A. ’12)Alumni Board
Nicole Bragenzer (B.A. ’11)Alumni Board
Audrey DeBoer (B.A. ’17)Alumni Board
Paul Doane (B.A. ’74)Alumni Board
Terri Fowler (B.A. ’81)Alumni Board
Al Gortmaker (B.A. ’99)Alumni Board
Jacob Hoogendyk (B.A. ’99)Alumni Board
Ken Hoskins (B.S. ’08)Alumni Board
Terrence King (M.A. ’18)Alumni Board
Rick Koole (B.A. ’70)Alumni Board
Davis Martin (B.S. ’16)Alumni Board
Bryan Pasciak (B.S. ’11)Alumni Board
Josh Thayer (B.S. ’11)Alumni Board
Mya Udell (B.A. ’19)Alumni Board
Kim Weber (B.S. ’20), ChairYoung Alumni Council
Jordan Grooters (B.S. ’17, MBA ’19), Vice ChairYoung Alumni Council
Nathan-Jesse Campbell (B.S. ’16, MBA ’19)Young Alumni Council
David Dodds (B.S. ’19)Young Alumni Council
Madison Drew (B.A. ’16, B.S. ’16)Young Alumni Council
Emily Harris (B.A. ’21)Young Alumni Council
Austin Hendrick (B.S. ’18, MBA ’20)Young Alumni Council
Brenda Jansen (B.S. ’14, MBA ’16)Young Alumni Council
Mia Merrell (B.S. ’18, MBA ’19)Young Alumni Council
Sebastian Ramos (B.S. ’19)Young Alumni Council
Tyler Smith (B.A. ’17)Young Alumni Council
Kori Thompson (B.S. ’15, MBA ’17)Young Alumni Council
Sam Tillema (B.S. ’19)Young Alumni Council
Karen Underwood (B.A. ’21)Young Alumni Council
AJ Weber (B.S. ’18, MBA ’21)Young Alumni Council

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