This week in chapel, Connie Sattler preached on Hebrews 11:1-13 and Acts 6-7. She emphasized that we become easily frustrated when we are not able to see clearly. Faith is the confidence in what we hope for and the assurance for what we do not see. Connie noted that, if we cannot see something, there are two explanations. Either it is not there, or it is there and we don’t have the ability to see what it is.

In Acts 6, Stephen, a man full of grace and power, started to experience opposition for his faith. Even though he was wrongly accused, Stephen continued to walk in alignment with God’s purposes. As we look at the story and example of Stephen, we can identify action steps for our own lives and questions to begin asking ourselves.

  • When opposition arises, live blamelessly. How can you live blamelessly when others falsely accuse you?
  • When given an opportunity, speak boldly. When you’re given the chance to speak, whom do you focus on—God or yourself?
  • When darkness closes in, pray unceasingly. When you’re confronted with your sin, are you repentant or enraged? When you’re in a big mess, do you give up or look up?

Listen to the full sermon below.


Connie Sattler serves as Cornerstone University’s instructional technology and training manager in addition to teaching for the Professional & Graduate Studies (PGS) division. As instructional technology manager, Connie trains full-time and adjunct faculty from the traditional undergraduate, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary and PGS divisions in efficient and effective use of the learning management system. She joyfully assists faculty in setting up courses, troubleshooting systems issues and resolving gradebook conundrums.

As an adjunct faculty member, Connie draws on her 20 years of business systems consulting and project management when instructing adult students in undergraduate business division courses.