This week in chapel, Dr. Walter Gibson preached from Hebrews 11:4- 8 to emphasize the need to mix things up with our faith. In order for cement to become concrete, you must mix it with water, sand and gravel. Only once it has been mixed with these ingredients will it begin to take on true, solid concrete composition. Similarly, with our faith, certain things have to be mixed in order for God to make concrete in our lives. Hebrews 11:4-8 gives four examples of faithful, biblical characters who mixed things up with their faith.

First, Abel mixed in worship with his faith by offering up to God an excellent sacrifice. By faith, Enoch walked with God, and he mixed in a pleasing lifestyle with his faith. Noah mixed in work with his faith. He demonstrated that his faith must be accompanied by work. Lastly, Abraham wandered with God by faith, and he mixed his faith with stepping out with limited direction.

Dr. Gibson emphasized, “the mixing is not faith plus works. The mixing is a faith that works.”

Listen to the full sermon below.