Let’s talk about money.

Wait, don’t tune out. Sure, money isn’t the most popular topic of conversation. But when it comes to making an investment that’s vital to your career and personal goals, it’s a conversation worth having.

Did you know there are different kinds of investments? Unlike buying a new-to-you car, replacing the leaking dishwasher or upgrading to the latest phone, investing in yourself with an education is different. It’s an investment that doesn’t depreciate over time, like a car, dishwasher or phone. It appreciates in value, meaning it continues to grow over the years as you continue to apply what you learn to enhance your career and life.

How’s that for a topic of conversation?

But even if you believe for yourself that investing in education is worth it, how do you begin to turn that goal into a reality when it comes to your savings, payment options and future returns? What options for aid are out there? How do you know which options you’re eligible for? What would it look like for your finances to take on this valuable investment?

Get your questions answered by attending our upcoming Webinar: Financing Your Education on July 21, 2020, from noon to 1 p.m.

This conversational, virtual event hosted by Cornerstone University’s Professional & Graduate Studies provides the opportunity to explore your options of aid, scholarships and other discounts as you consider making this important investment.

Sound helpful? Here are four key reasons why you should tune into the conversation.

1. Discover Opportunities You Might Not Know About

Depending on factors like your current financial situation, academic history and employment, you may be able to pay very little to continue your educational journey with a degree. To get there, it’s important to know what opportunities are available to you.

At this financial event, you’ll walk through what options can help reduce your out-of-pocket cost significantly. And we mean significantly. You’ll get to hear about the different kinds of financial aid available as well as other scholarships and discounts you may be eligible for.

From financial aid with loans and grants to community-focused scholarships to other discounts, opportunities are abundant.

Members from our supportive staff will open the door for you to explore your next steps in making your investment even more affordable.

2. Ease Your Worries

It’s no surprise that worrying about money is a common practice, whether you consider yourself financially well-off or not.

Money can be a major source of stress. A study by Northwestern Mutual found that 44% of Americans said money was their main source of stress. Even if it’s not the top contributing factor to stress, it’s most likely ranked toward the top.

But with the right planning and steps in place—along with a team to support you—an investment in yourself doesn’t have to break the bank or cause you worries.

By sharing the options of aid, scholarships and discounts you may be eligible for, our team will ease your worries about affording tuition. Designed with a high-level view, you’ll engage in a practical conversation that provides resolution and confidence to your lingering questions.

Feel empowered as you move beyond your fear of financing your decision to return to school, equipped with tools to help you thrive.

3. Know You’re Not Alone

Navigating your financial next steps can be a process. Whether you’re confident in your decision to return to school or are still considering what’s best for you, know that you’re not on this journey alone.

Even before you apply or join a program, you’ll be teamed up with a trained enrollment counselor who’s there to help guide you through the financial process upon entering school.

Once you’re in, you’ll have a personalized student financial services specialist who is dedicated to ensuring you’re on the right track to success. Add in your academic adviser and you’ve got a graduation team cultivated to empower you to thrive financially and academically as you advance with your degree.

At PGS, we recognize the tough realities you face as a busy working adult. Engage with members from our team who understand where you’re at and are passionate about equipping you with the resources to help you reach your goals.

4. Chart Your Financial Plan

It’s one thing to know your options. It’s another to have the confidence and resources to put them into action. Launch from this event equipped with a direction of what next steps you need to take in realizing your goals. Receive a worksheet that shows you step-by-step what you can do to work toward discovering the options you learn about.

At the end of this practical and informative conversation, your team of staff doesn’t leave you hanging. Continue the conversation and foster your relationship with staff dedicated to seeing you thrive by helping you navigate your next steps.

Be Encouraged to Take Your Next Step

Talking about money doesn’t have to be that awkward topic that quiets a room.

In fact, by making an investment in your family, your career, your future and your own personal development, financial aid can be an encouraging and inspiring topic.

Stay connected for future opportunities to join in the conversation during a Financing Your Education event!