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Cornerstone University Welcomes New Leadership in Business, Technology

News March 31, 2020

With years of experience as adjunct faculty, Connie Sattler and Dr. Tom Heetderks joined Cornerstone University’s Professional & Graduate Studies (PGS) in full-time leadership roles.

Sattler (M.S. ’13, M.B.A. ’16) serves as assistant dean and Heetderks accepted the position of dean of business at PGS. Both come from robust and diversified professional experiences that have led them to their new roles. And as instructors in the PGS program, both Sattler and Heetderks have witnessed the transformative power of non-traditional educational opportunities in meeting the needs of adult students.

Continuing a Commitment to Empower Others

Since 2009, Sattler has inspired success for the CU community. Previously, she served as an instructional technology and training manager, as well as an instructor in PGS programs. As a manager, she empowered faculty and staff across the university to better utilize the university’s learning management system as they served students.

Now as assistant dean, she’ll advance the training and forward-thinking vision she provides to equip faculty. Alongside faculty, her work will also focus on projects within PGS that amplify the innovative design, implementation and quality of the programs.

“The exciting thing is that the training I do goes well beyond the Moodle learning management system,” Sattler said. “I will continue to explore and train faculty on other innovative instructional technologies that support both on-ground and online learning.”

In her new role, she’ll work alongside Heetderks and Dr. Graham McKeague, dean of human services.

Influencing from Corporate to Higher Education

Heetderks takes on his role in PGS with decades of experience in human resource leadership. His experience with highly regarded corporations like YUM Brands and Kenexa/IBM, attention to dynamic relationships and forward-thinking vision across industries sets a positive trajectory for influence of both students and faculty.

“In the corporate world, I’ve been blessed to work at and driven consulting initiatives with some of the most well-known and successful organizations in the world,” Heetderks said. “I look forward to carrying over these experiences to each of the adult learners in our business classrooms. When you’re in a business course here, you will be a part of challenging discussions and absorb content that is very practical and highly relevant to your workplace.”

Heetderks is intentional about opening doors for new opportunities both now and for the future. He’s also written a book, “Work Worth Doing,” with Harvest House Publishers that looks at discovering God’s purpose and direction in career pathways.

Promoting a Pathway for Success

Both Sattler and Heetderks are eager to equip the PGS community to thrive with different opportunities presented through their roles.

“Serving on various committees gives me a voice in the development of programs and support activities that directly benefit our students,” Sattler said. “By supporting, equipping and empowering our faculty, I will indirectly support all our students and enable them to thrive academically throughout their Cornerstone experience.”

Heetderks also anticipates serving students with a vision of excellence and transformation as they navigate their own unique paths.

“I look forward to helping provide learners of all ages and stages of life a comprehensive and high-impact business education that inspires their intellect, deepens their character and fosters a biblical vision of purpose.”

With visionary leaders to guide and empower students and faculty, PGS has a bright future.

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