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CU Provost Begins New Appointment

News April 1, 2015

Cornerstone University Provost, Dr. Rick Ostrander, is continuing to set an example for academic excellence.

Ostrander, a member of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, was nominated to take a position on the Chief Academic Officers Commission with the CCCU.

The CAO commission consists of six to eight members of the CCCU who are first nominated by other members and then appointed by the president of the council. Dr. Ostrander has already been nominated and appointed by the president and began his two-year term in February.

“I’m pleased to receive the appointment, and I welcome the opportunity,” said Dr. Ostrander.

The CCCU is comprised of 181 Christian universities with 121 campuses in North America. The goal of the organization is to unite colleges that have a desire to be Christ-centered.

The CCCU gathers twice a year to meet and discuss issues facing Christian colleges.

One of Ostrander’s responsibilities will be to plan the national gatherings, decide what the focus of the gatherings will be, who will speak, if there will be a discussion panel, etc. The national meetings consist of discussions about large issues facing Christian colleges.

Ostrander is looking forward to this opportunity because it is a good opportunity for Cornerstone to earn more recognition nationally.

“The appointment does enable me to give the institution [Cornerstone] more visibility among our peers,” he said. “Cornerstone is a relatively young institution and not well known.”

He also sees his new appointment as an opportunity to frame topics about which Christian colleges should be concerned.

Ostrander and other Cornerstone faculty and staff take part in opportunities like this for the interests of the university.

He sees President Joe Stowell speaking on behalf of the university around the world, Professor Michael VanDyke being on a council for scholarly review and his own new appointment as examples of Cornerstone faculty staying in touch with the broader picture of higher education.

The other six members of the commission are from Anderson University, Geneva College, Northwestern College, George Fox University, Huntington University and Bethel.

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