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CU Student Shares Professional Development Through Nonprofit

News April 17, 2018

With professional development skills gained through his associate degree, Cornerstone University student Mose Stamps (A.S. ’17, B.S. ’19) is following his calling to equip others for success through his nonprofit, Save Yourself, CDC.

Following a life transformation, Stamps felt a strong desire to serve others. All he needed was to find and take ahold of the opportunities that came along.

During his volunteer work at a community corrections facility, Stamps noticed a gap in at-risk populations between the skills they had and the ability to follow their aspirations with a career.

“People had a desire for better employment and better outcomes in life,” he said. “However, they didn’t have the resources.”

His solution is a nonprofit called Save Yourself, CDC. This organization has a pay-it-forward mindset. Not only are people provided skills to get a job, but they’re also encouraged to follow their passion in the hopes that they will find ways to serve others as well.

“Because of their lack of development in certain areas, sometimes the individuals we serve are employed, but not in the job they’re called to or what they really see themselves doing,” Stamps said. “So we act as a springboard to see them get employed and equipped with skills that they really desire, that they feel that God has called them to serve.”

Save Yourself, CDC offers a variety of programs to meet the needs of the community’s professional and social development. “We give the skills that individuals may be missing and bring resources to them,” Stamps said. Programs such as resume building, mock interviews, mentorships and providing interview attire prepare people with a diverse set of challenges for success.

But Stamps doesn’t run this nonprofit without a solid foundation of experience.

Stamps gained confidence and leadership skills through his Associate of Science in Human Services degree program from Cornerstone University’s Professional & Graduate Studies (PGS) division. With this preparation, Stamps is better prepared to serve and influence others more effectively through his nonprofit.

And he continues to refine his skills as he pursues his bachelor’s degree in ministry leadership at PGS and Master of Arts degree through the Urban Cohort program at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary.

“I realized that to be all God called me to be required me to embark on a lifelong path of learning,” he said. “In the midst of having that great vision and aspiration, I realized that it takes some of my own skill. That development has to be nourished to be able to go out and serve.”

With practical applications in professional development in his degree program such as giving presentations, learning technology and public speaking, Stamps has deepened his ability to lead his nonprofit effectively.

“Cornerstone has equipped me to be more confident as I share in the community and in the kingdom,” Stamps said.

This increase in confidence from pursuing his education is something he hopes to pass on to those he serves.

As Stamps grows in leadership and experience, he hopes to continue to build Save Yourself, CDC to become a stationary community center, what he calls, “a beacon of hope in the community.” His vision is a place where the doors are open five days a week for people to come in and receive the resources they need when they need them.

With the skills and experience gained through his education at Cornerstone, Stamps continues to follow his calling in making a difference in the Grand Rapids community.

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Cornerstone University students like Mose Stamps are doing incredible things to transform our communities. To learn how you can make a change that matters as a PGS student, request information about our degree programs.

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