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PGS Cultivates Biblical Foundation Through New Associate Program

News April 27, 2020

Cornerstone University’s Professional & Graduate Studies (PGS) announced a new associate program in biblical studies, offered in flexible formats that support the needs of current and aspiring leaders.

This introductory-level program equips students with formative scholarship rooted in biblical knowledge. Courses in the program incorporate both theory and practice in content and interdisciplinary study. Students will advance their knowledge in areas such as biblical interpretation and Old and New Testament study.

Grow in Leadership

Although the program is aligned with the journey of ministry leadership, students across vocations can find significance and value in this program. The curriculum incorporates practical and versatile opportunities to grow holistically through courses in ministry and leadership development.

“This program is designed for students who desire to grow in their knowledge of the Bible while they earn a college degree,” said Dr. Graham McKeague, dean of human services at PGS. “They may feel called to ministry leadership as a current or future career, or they might wish to contribute within a local church or ministry organization and seek a deeper understanding of Scripture to fulfill this role. Many pastors and ministry leaders are bi-vocational and have not had an opportunity to formally study the Bible, theology or ministry leadership. The PGS program now provides a way for them to begin this educational journey at whatever stage is most helpful as they seek to grow in reaching their full potential.”

Through a rich and comprehensive curriculum, students are encouraged to live out their faith in pursuing their goals in Christian ministry and advancing their education.

“This program continues the PGS tradition of empowering students to make a positive difference in their organizations, communities and families,” McKeague said. “Students learn in a way that profoundly shapes their growth academically and that goes beyond formal classroom learning such as in principles of wise leadership, ethical decision making and learning how to work alongside people from diverse backgrounds.”

Leading Beyond Ministry

This biblical knowledge and practice influence the opportunity to lead effectively and with a foundation on Christian virtues and understanding.

“Whether you’re called to ministry as a career, serving as a volunteer in the ministry field or just being the hands and feet of Jesus to others, students will learn invaluable information that will ignite continued interest in the Bible and challenge their worldview,” Charles Walker, director of enrollment operations, said.

As a pastor, Walker understands the needs and trends of today’s Christian ministry landscape. Especially when it comes to passionately pursuing one’s God-given potential, the habit of lifelong learning and holistic growth naturally aligns.

“We should be the interminable learner; no one crosses the finish line in their lifetime claiming they have all the answers,” Walker said. “On the contrary, there is an incessant longing to continue to learn and grow in God’s Word and this biblical study program starts the adult learner down this path.”

This foundational program sets a positive trajectory for students who aspire to continue their education and preparation as a leader. “I am excited that this program provides a way for students to build a strong educational foundation to move into the bachelor’s degree in ministry leadership,” McKeague said. “The associate program has been built in a way that allows students to grow in their preparation for leadership as they continue through the associate and bachelor’s programs.”

For students desiring to advance in education, bachelor programs at PGS include ministry leadership, business administration and leadership, organizational management and psychology.

Through a practical approach to advancing in biblical knowledge for real-world transformation, students are equipped to live out their faith in fulfilling their unique calling.

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