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Cornerstone Theological SeminaryResilience: Finding Wholeness in Ministry by Way of the Cross

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Preparing for Resilient Ministry

This study aims to equip participants for resilient ministry by helping them develop healthy expectations and create good habits during their training. Instructors could integrate this study into a ministry formation class or established co-curricular program.

This study is for students, residents, interns and anyone else preparing for ministry leadership and features Pastors Mike Bartlett, Joy Bonnema, Dr. Walter Gibson, Karen Ingebretson, Mark Shaw and Ben Vaught.

Study Resources

Download Small Group Facilitator’s Guide (PDF)

Download Small Group Workbook (PDF)

Download Individual Workbook (PDF)

Lesson 1 Video | Being a Pastor

After watching the video for Lesson 1, write down what stood out to you as the pastors described their ministries.

Lesson 2 Videos | Joys and Challenges in Ministry

As you watch the videos for Lesson 2, take notes on what the pastors say brings them joy and zaps their energy in ministry.

Lesson 4 Video | Heart Management

In the video for Lesson 4, Pastor Mark Shaw offers advice for seminary students and describes the training he wishes he had in preparation for ministry.

Lesson 5 Video | Resilient Ministry

For Lesson 5, watch the video titled How Pastors Define Resilience.

Lesson 6 Video | Wholeness in Ministry

As you watch the video for Lesson 6, listen as these pastors describe how they understand the connection between resilience and finding wholeness by way of the cross.

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