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Cornerstone Theological SeminaryResilience: Finding Wholeness in Ministry by Way of the Cross

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Wellbeing for Leadership Teams

The goal of this study is to help ministry leadership teams understand what wellbeing is, why it is important and how to cultivate it. During this study, leaders will reflect on their level of wellbeing and experiment with self-care practices. Leaders will also have an opportunity to reflect on the health of their teams.

This study is for church leadership teams and features Dr. Matt Bloom, Pastor Joy Bonnema and Dr. Danjuma Gibson

Study Resources

Download Small Group Facilitator’s Guide (PDF)

Download Small Group Workbook (PDF)

Lesson 1 Video | What Is Wellbeing?

Watch the video titled Four Components of Wellbeing. Dr. Matt Bloom offers a research-based framework for understanding wellbeing.

Lesson 2 Video | Pursuing Wellbeing: Four Steps

Watch the video titled Four Simple Steps in which Dr. Matt Bloom describes for steps you can take to enhance your wellbeing. While many of Dr. Bloom’s examples pertain to pastors, these steps are relevant for lay leaders as well. Take notes in the space provided in your workbook.

Lesson 3 Video | Rest

Watch the video titled Making Time for Rest in which Pastor Joy Bonnema shares a strategy she learned for establishing healthy rhythms of rest. Take notes in the space provided in your workbook.

Lesson 4 Video | Play

For his doctoral dissertation, Dr. Danjuma Gibson studied Frederick Douglass’s autobiographies to understand, from a psychological perspective, Douglass’s resilience. In the video titled Time for Play, Dr. Gibson shares about one of three themes that emerged from his research.

Lesson 5 Video | Prayer

Watch the video titled Rethinking Spiritual Practices in which Dr. Matt Bloom describes how spiritual practices, such as prayer, can impact a leader’s wellbeing.

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