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Cornerstone Theological SeminaryResilience: Finding Wholeness in Ministry by Way of the Cross

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Wholeness by Way of the Cross

The goal of this study is to help ministry leaders and students in ministry preparation programs recognize threats to their wholeness and build resilience when confronted by those threats. We recommend completing the Self-Care in Ministry (#3) and Wholeness in Community (#4) studies prior to beginning this study. Also, because this study invites participants to reflect on situations that may be painful or triggering, we recommend completing this study with a small group of trusted individuals.

This study is for pastors, ministry leaders and students; it features Drs. Matt Bloom, Chuck DeGroat, Danjuma Gibson and Ingrid Faro as well as Pastors Karen Ingebretson and Mark Shaw.

Study Guides

Download Small Group Facilitator’s Guide (PDF)

Download Small Group Workbook (PDF)

Lesson 1 Video | Suffering in Ministry

Watch the video titled The Role of Suffering in Ministry in which Dr. Ingrid Faro describes three different types of suffering.

Lesson 2 Video | Self-Sacrifice in Ministry

Watch the video titled Self-Care and Self-Sacrifice in Ministry in which Dr. Matt Bloom shares about one question he has about the interplay between self-sacrifice and wellbeing.

Lesson 3 Video | Shame in Ministry

In the video titled Defining Shame, Dr. Chuck DeGroat defines shame and describes how it manifests in the hearts and minds of pastors. As you watch this video, listen for key words or phrases that resonate with you.

Lesson 4 Video | Trauma and Painful Circumstances in Ministry

In the video titled Resilience in the Midst of Painful Circumstances, Dr. Danjuma Gibson reflects on what he learned from Frederick Douglass’s life about how trauma and painful circumstances can affect a person’s wellbeing.

Lesson 5 Video | Wholeness Through Union With Christ

In the video titled Union With Christ, Pastor Karen Ingebretson and Dr. Chuck DeGroat describe how their union with Christ helps them pursue wholeness in ministry.

Lesson 6 Video | Wholeness Through an Undivided Heart

In the video titled An Undivided Heart, Pastor Mark Shaw reflects on his understanding of wholeness in ministry.

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