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At Cornerstone University, student teaching is an academic semester in length and must include the full school day at a placement in an elementary or secondary school. Throughout the experience, the teacher candidate is mentored by a cooperating teacher and university supervisor and receives coaching within this support system. He or she will plan, teach, assess and build relationships with students and the learning community. The student teacher is expected to apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes to meet program and performance standards. In addition to the internship, the student teacher will attend weekly seminars where he or she connects with cohort members and brushes up on current educational issues. Student teachers are placed in local public, private or charter schools. There is also an opportunity for student teachers to be placed overseas or in Chicago with the Chicago Semester program.

Expectations of Student Teachers

Students enrolled in this course will be expected to not only participate in the daily routines of an actual classroom but also in some of the duties of a teacher. This experience is not limited to but includes the following: evaluating classroom routines, assisting individual and small groups of students in obtaining learning objectives, designing and teaching a lesson to a class of students, performing clerical duties and creating an instructional bulletin board.

  • Interaction: The aide will interact with students to accomplish specific educational learning objectives in at least two of the following categories: large group instruction, small group instruction (e.g., preparing activities to meet the learning objectives) or tutoring (e.g., creating activities to assist students).
  • Clerical: The aide could assist the teacher in correcting papers, photocopying, filing, organizing, etc.
  • Research: The aide could assist the teacher by gathering data for future lesson or unit topics.
  • Observation: The aide will observe the teacher and students as they engage in the educational process. It is through observation that the aide will encounter educational theory in practice. The aide is encouraged to discuss what has been observed with the teacher. During observations, the aide will also gather data for the completion of the observation assignments.

Request a CU Student Teaching Intern or Teacher Assistant

All student teaching placements are made within a 50-mile radius of Cornerstone University’s campus in Grand Rapids, Michigan. To request a student teacher for your classroom, please complete the form below.

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