Grand Rapids has so much to offer the many college students that live here. Cornerstone is located in a very accessible spot close to all of the city’s major areas. Travel just ten minutes down the highway from Cornerstone and you will find yourself in the inviting hustle and bustle of downtown Grand Rapids. Drive fifteen minutes and you will find a wealth of coffee shops and cute boutiques in East Grand Rapids. If you’re wanting to get to the lakeshore, there’s only a forty-five minute car ride between you and Lake Michigan.

There’s something to do here all year round, but you have to experience Grand Rapids in the fall! Here are a few local spots to check out.

Exploring the Outdoors

Robbinette’s is an apple orchard right down the road from Cornerstone. They have a wide variety of activities and delicious fall foods to choose from. The apple cider and apple cider donuts are classic Cornerstone treats. If you’re on campus in the fall, you’ll definitely get to try them. Robinette’s is also a great spot to take pictures with the fall colors, go apple picking and adventure through a corn maze.

Provin Trails is a small forest with several trails right by Robinette’s. On a warm fall day, you’ll probably see many Cornerstone students stringing their hammocks up and hiking the paths. Provin is a favorite Cornerstone spot, but there are plenty of other parks in the area to explore as well.

Color Tours are a must-do in Michigan! Get all your friends in a car and take a drive up north to appreciate all of the fall colors. There’s nothing like a little road trip.

The Downtown Scene

Grand Rapids has the feel of a big city with the warmth of a small town. Our downtown has much to offer: restaurants, Rosa Parks Circle, the Van Andel Arena, coffee shops, Studio Park, the Blue Bridge and more. Downtown GR is a great place to go study, walk around and take in the fall season.

Grand Rapids is well known for ArtPrize, the art festival that takes place every two years right in the heart of downtown. Creators from all over the world come and display all kinds of art, from gigantic sculptures to interactive pieces, to murals and everything in between. The city comes alive with the celebration of the arts and the many visitors that come to appreciate it. ArtPrize will return to Grand Rapids for fall 2022.

The Downtown Market is the hub of many different restaurants, events and small businesses. There is a beautiful greenhouse and a back patio that overlooks downtown. Both the Downtown Market and the Fulton Street Farmers Market regularly bring in vendors to sell their produce and products.

There are also several great coffee shops in Grand Rapids, but a couple of them are staples for the fall season. Madcap Coffee is renowned for their coffee all over the country and has locations in downtown, at the Downtown Market and on Fulton Street. If you come to Grand Rapids, you have to try Madcap! Another must-visit is Outside Coffee Co. As soon as it gets cold enough, they set up heated igloos that you can sit in so you can still have your coffee outside and enjoy the beauty of the season while avoiding the cold.

Come visit Cornerstone and explore Grand Rapids for yourself!