Whether you’ve lived in Grand Rapids your whole life or never set foot in Michigan, there are always new places to discover, especially when it comes to homework spots. Every student has different preferences when it comes to study environments. Thankfully, Grand Rapids has a plethora of options for everyone.


Downtown Market Grand Rapids serves as a focal point for the entire city. It boasts a wide assortment of restaurants, booths, fresh ingredients and a greenhouse. The entire place exudes inspiration. Seating is dispersed throughout the whole facility. You can study in the greenhouse, at Madcap Coffee or outside on their terrace. It’s perfect for meeting up with friends to grab a bite to eat before you hit the books.


Late nights of studying are unavoidable in college. After your roommates have gone to bed, it can be challenging to find a place to study. The Bitter End Coffeehouse is open 24/7 and provides an array of caffeinated beverages. If you find yourself in a position to pull an all-nighter, it is the perfect place to go.


Sometimes you just need pancakes. An IHOP is conveniently located just five minutes from Cornerstone‘s campus. It serves as a place for late night meals with your hall or a quiet place to do some reading. In addition to being open 24/7, IHOP is also incredibly affordable and offers a student discount. You can’t go wrong with breakfast food. But in case you want something more substantial, they also have burgers and other American cuisines. Overall, IHOP is a flexible option that won’t break your bank.


If you’re someone who works well in a quiet setting, the local library is perfect for you. Grand Rapids is part of a library system called Kent District Library. They have a network of locations that are only minutes from campus. Many of the library locations have study rooms for group projects and desks for those who want to work silently by themselves. Students can also apply for their own library cards and take advantage of the book selection. It is a great place to do research rather than finding all of your sources for papers online. Librarians are very helpful when it comes to locating sources too.


Gaslight Village is a small neighborhood tucked in East Grand Rapids. During the summer, it is a bustling place, complete with Jersey Junction ice cream, hikes around Reeds Lake and 4th of July fireworks. Throughout other seasons, it is a studying treasure cove. A picturesque Starbucks is located on the main street of the village. At the front of the shop, there is a large window with stools for students. You can sip coffee while people watching and typing a paper. The holiday season is particularly charming. Gaslight Village displays Christmas lights and plays Christmas tunes throughout their streets. It is a fantastic and peaceful escape from campus during finals week.


Studying is individualized. All of the options in Grand Rapids make it easy to find something that works for you. My advice is to try a variety of places and then find one that is your favorite. You might be surprised how well you work in a space outside your dorm room.