This week in chapel, Christy Carlin Knetsch preached from 2 Chronicles 30: 6-9, in which Hezekiah calls the people in Israel to return to the Lord. He urges them to no longer be stiff-necked or stubborn, but rather they are to submit themselves to God who has made a great covenant with His people that He will be their God and they will be His people.

Hezekiah, a good king, was determined to follow the Lord’s covenant and to act justly in his leadership over the people. He asks the people to keep the Passover so they would not forget God’s plan for redemption.

Listen to the full sermon below.


Christy is the executive director of New City Kids in Grand Rapids, Mich. She previously served in youth ministry for 18 years, equipping urban teens and their leaders to be agents of reconciliation.

Pastor Christy is a graduate from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary’s Urban Cohort Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership Program, and she also received a master’s in organizational and ministry leadership from Calvin College. She is passionate about Christ-centered leadership development, racial reconciliation and empowering teens to achieve the dream of higher education.