This week in chapel, Bill Rudd preached on Psalm 73, in which Asaph almost lost his faith and his ministry, but he was able to realign his trust back to God. Asaph almost lost his faith by misunderstanding the goodness of God, by envying the wicked and obsessing over the prosperity of the wicked. Asaph began to feel that his efforts were fully in vain, and he started to stir up an entitled attitude and heart.

In order to step out of this deep depression, Asaph had to reenter into the sanctuary of God. He engaged in corporate worship, and he began to refocus on the divine revelation of God. Asaph began to look at life from God’s eternal perspective, and Pastor Bill emphasized that we are unable to understand life apart from eternity. Asaph begins to trust God’s presence, and he sees how God has guided him with counsel. Furthermore, Asaph is recognizing that though his heart and flesh may fail, God is his portion and all that he needs. Listen to the full sermon below.


Dr. Bill Rudd has been a pastor in four churches for over a half-century as well as serving as an adjunct professor in two seminaries. After 32 years, he retired in 2016 and is now Pastor Emeritus. He currently serves as a church consultant, does pulpit supply, is a workplace chaplain and is joint-founder of Pastor Partner, a ministry facilitating retired pastors serving alongside solo pastors in a creatively-funded, part time partnership. He and Gloria have been married for more than 50 years and have four children and 10 grandchildren. He is the author of “Should Women Be Pastors and Leaders In Church? My Journey to Discover What the Bible Says About Gender Roles.”