Pastor Kizombo Kalumbula spoke this week in chapel. His message, entitled “Flip the Switch” was from Matthew 5:13-16. He explained how obeying God’s command to “be the light,” can have a profound impact on our communities.

Pastor Kalumbula challenges us to consider the the effects of being “appropriately present.” As we embrace living differently because of Christ’s work in our lives (flipping the switch), we bring honor to God, we bring positive change to our communities and we have the opportunity to bring others to Christ.


Kizombo Kalumbula currently serves as pastor of family life at Tabernacle Community Church. He also provides private counseling at Centennial Park Counseling Center. He has earned a bachelor’s degree in religious education from Grace Bible College, a graduate degree in counseling from Liberty University and is a Ph.D. candidate at North Central University. He and his wife Carrie have six children.