As Pastor Joe Lane began his message this week, he emphasized that first as Christ followers, we have a call to mobilization. As leaders in ministry, there must be a sense of urgency placed on our hearts and minds about living out the gospel and serving others.

Secondly, we have a call to hope. Hope is possibility. Pastor Lane used Romans 8:22-25 as a reminder that hope that is seeing, is not a hope at all. We must believe; then we will see, and then we are called to do.

He stated, “The blessing of salvation is possibility through sanctification to encourage mobilization.” Romans 12:1 urges us to offer ourselves a living sacrifice as a part of our worship. Therefore we must choose to stop simply standing around gazing and begin taking advantage of the opportunities God has given us. Listen to the whole sermon below.


Pastor Joe Lane is currently serving as the senior pastor at New Life Christian Center of Muskegon. He earned his Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership at Cornerstone University. He is married to Sharri and they have two sons and a daughter. They have been married for over 17 years.