Whether we realize it or not, the world of business is all around.

We purchase our bag of ground coffee for our morning cup at a price determined by an economist’s price analysis. We keep track of our spending through a budget. In our work, we make strategic moves that allow our business to be profitable. Our decisions and behaviors are often rooted in a business foundation.

Advancing your knowledge, skills and experience in the business field with a graduate degree can pave the way to taking your next step in influencing your community. With a Master of Business Administration, you can be better equipped to lead, contribute, support, manage and thrive where you are and where you want to be.

Yes, this degree has great value. But how do you know if it’s the right path for you as you seek to take your next step in your life? Here, we share five ways an MBA can be a great fit for you in pursuing your goals.

1. Take Your Leadership to the Next Level

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” —John Quincy Adams

There’s a difference between a good leader and someone in a management position. Perhaps you’ve gained some leadership experience in your organization or are waiting to take that next step. A Master of Business Administration can provide you the foundational leadership principles and frameworks to apply to your work.

You’ll develop essential leadership traits such as clear communication, setting goals, celebrating the successes of others, emotional intelligence and much more. From front-line employees, next-level managers and project coordinators to executive directors and vice presidents, an MBA can guide your next steps wherever you are.

Grow in confidence as you create and present on projects in your degree program. With a practical curriculum rooted in the courses, you’ll develop essential skills that equip you as you lead others with solid communication and effective problem-solving skills to empower your team at work.

You’ll also grow in your ability to understand others and gain credibility in setting an example of effective leadership. As a leader, you have a responsibility to cultivate a positive work environment that allows all to flourish and contribute to the broader society. Lifelong learning, such as earning a graduate degree, can help you continue that trend.

Is It for You? Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Am I interested in furthering my leadership effectiveness in my current or aspired role?
  • Am I motivated to become a lifelong learner to move toward achieving my goals?
  • Am in interested in being equipped not to just manage people but to be an influential leader that empowers others to thrive?

2. Advance Your Career

Taking that next step up at your current or aspired organization can look different to everyone. But one common way to get there is by continuing your education.

An MBA can open up your path to career advancement, including a higher earning potential. This program provides you the opportunity to explore your leadership potential and demonstrate your effectiveness at positively influencing in your work. Through practical business courses, all expressed within a Christ-centered leadership foundation, you’ll be equipped to thrive in chasing your career goal. Gain the knowledge and skills you need to thrive in understanding the essential operations of a business and the context in which to make it thrive.

Such opportunities of advancing your career may also come with higher earning potential. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those with a master’s degree have a higher median income than those with a bachelor’s degree. In 2018, the median weekly earnings for someone with a master’s was $1,434, compared to $1,198 for the bachelor’s level.

Have a passion to teach others about business and leadership? Most often, you’ll need a graduate degree for colleges and universities to consider you, even with years of industry experience. With a graduate degree like an MBA, you can match your experience with credentials.

Is It for You? Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Do I desire to make a career move within the field of business?
  • Am I interested in pursuing career opportunities in the context of core business principles?
  • Do I have a desire to teach in a school setting to effectively share my experience and insight?

3. Enhance Your Knowledge of Essential Business Disciplines

The practical curriculum in an MBA program is rooted in foundational business concepts that are easily applicable to your unique work situation. Develop your business competency in courses based on six essential disciplines including accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing and organizational behavior. These courses provide the opportunity for you to develop problem-solving and analytical skills to address situations in your everyday work.

Not a big numbers person? Don’t let accounting and finance scare you. While the program does incorporate important calculation processes and financial analysis, such courses are designed to empower you to make informed decisions in leadership positions. The practical application of the curriculum allows you to see such financial and accounting examples in practice and is much more than just doing math equations.

Is It for You? Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Am I interested in developing practical knowledge in foundation business concepts?
  • Do I want to develop as a leader with not only content knowledge but also in skills and experience I can apply to my work environment?
  • Am I intrigued by the core business disciplines such as accounting, finance, economics, strategy and marketing?

4. Dive Deeper Into Your Specific Field

The MBA is a highly versatile and recognizable degree that can be applied in many fields. At PGS, we match that versatility with your specific interests by incorporating four concentrations that allow you to dive into your particular field. Check out this blog article to discover which concentration is right for you.

The finance concentration further explores planning, policies and processes to improve your organization’s bottom line. Fuel your passion for helping and healing others with a concentration dedicated to equipping you to advance within health care. Be prepared for the changing global marketplace with the global business concentration. Or grow in leadership and team management with a concentration in project management.

Is It for You? Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Am I currently in or do I aspired to be in a field relating to finance, health care, global business or project management?
  • Am I interested in a versatile graduate program with a specific focus on my career journey?
  • Am I willing and able to engage in concentration courses in an online classroom environment?

5. Be Equipped for Tomorrow’s Workplace

Society is far from static. With new ideas and innovations, the workplace environment is constantly changing. But by being equipped with practical knowledge, skills and experiences with an MBA, you can apply what you learn in the classroom to your work both tomorrow and next year. Whether you stay in your position for 10 more years or are looking for a new avenue, a graduate degree provides those versatile skills you can take with you.

By engaging with a cohort model of fellow students who are traveling the same graduate degree journey as you, you’ll have a great opportunity for networking and connecting with other industry leaders. Discover different opinions from diverse viewpoints and apply what you learn to your future endeavors so you can thrive no matter where you are.

Is It for You? Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Am I eager to be equipped for more opportunities than just the environment I am in now?
  • Does a changing workforce inspire, not intimidate, me?
  • Do I consider myself innovative and interested in looking to improve myself and my surroundings?

Discover an MBA Program Designed for You

How will you be better equipped in advancing your opportunities and career? With the practical knowledge, skills and experience gained through a Master of Business Administration degree program, you can advance your career to get to where you want to be. And in a degree program at PGS, you can establish that valuable foundation in a convenient format that’s designed for the busy working adult.

And, if you’re wondering about the difference in cultivating leadership between an MBA and the M.A. in organizational leadership program, check out this helpful comparison chart.

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