This week in chapel, Pastor Marcus Little preached from Galatians 6:1-2, which emphasizes that we are to bear one another’s burdens, and, in this way, you will fulfill the law of Christ. Pastor Little reminded us that as believers the way we serve one another is founded and rooted in love, and this is seen through the fruit of the Spirit. He states, “You cannot demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit in isolation; it can only be expressed in community.”

Our brothers and sisters experience burdens that they did not choose, and as followers of Christ, we are to exercise the choice to make it our burden. Even though the burden may not belong to us by necessity, we must have a willingness to bear one another’s burden. Bearing the burdens of those who are similar to us comes naturally and easily, but we must choose to bear the burdens of those who are different from us despite what we may lose. As we do this, we gain the body of Christ, which is the one thing that will move on into eternity.

He concludes, “this is not a burdensome obligation, but it is a call to embrace the joy and the fullness of the life that God has for us.” Listen to the whole sermon below.


Marcus Little has loved being the pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Grand Rapids since 2014. He and his wife Kelsey have three kids (son Calvin, age 9, twin girls Eva and Zoe age 7) who keep them busy and humble. Marcus got an M.A. from Talbot Theological Seminary in southern California where he and Kelsey were born and raised. He spent time on the mission field with his parents in Romania in the mid-90s which gave him the unique perspective of a “third-culture kid” so that he feels at home everywhere and nowhere. He taught history at a Christian middle school for 10 years before becoming a pastor and has a passion to see the church of Christ united for the sake of the kingdom.