This week, Dr. Mariano Avila concentrated the chapel message around the attribute of mercy. He stressed that mercy is the “main medicine” Jesus gave his people to receive true healing. Jesus is our example of how to live in a way that is according to the will of God, and the Gospels show us how to live as Jesus lived. In Matthew 9:13 Jesus refers to Hosea 6:6, and he stresses that God desires mercy not sacrifice. Mercy is a way to cultivate justice in the world, and Jesus calls his followers to imitate him by showing mercy and compassion to those who are in desperate need of it.


Dr. Mariano Avila is a professor of New Testament at Calvin Theological Seminary and serves at his local church as well. He has earned numerous post-graduate degrees in both Mexico and the United States, including two doctorates and a Th.M. Dr. Avila has worked in multiple Bible translation projects and committees and has published many articles and books. He is married to Rosa Maria, and they have two married sons and one grandson.