“What does your soul need to say to God?” That question has lingered in my mind since our virtual event with Dr. Ruth Haley Barton. She is the founder of The Transforming Center, an organization devoted to strengthening and developing leaders. In the first chapter of her book, “Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership,” she writes, “Strengthening the soul of your leadership is an invitation to enter more deeply into the process of spiritual transformation and to choose to lead from that place.”

In this virtual event, Ruth Haley Barton led us through an assessment designed to help us answer the question, “How is it with your soul?” She led us in a time of prayer that helped us attend to what our souls needed to say to God. If you are interested in reflecting on her assessment questions and learning more about centering prayer as a tool for wellbeing, watch the video of the event here.

Barton, R. H. 2008. Strengthening the soul of your leadership: Seeking God in the crucible of ministry. Downers Grove: IVP.