Our chapel theme for this semester is “An Appropriate Lament” with the key text being Luke 19:41. This week, Rev. Dr. Royce Evans preached a message that explored the birth of lament. Starting with Genesis 1-3, Dr. Evans draws our attention to how sin subtly seduces God’s people. Lament begins when sin sidetracks God’s intention.

Genesis 6:6 tells us that God’s heart was filled with pain as he saw humanity’s response after everything God had done. In spite of our willful disobedience, God yet loves us and his lament gives birth to salvation. Lament, then, is the device that tempers judgment with favor and grace.


Dr. Royce Evans is assistant professor of pastoral ministries and the executive director of ministry residency and the Urban Cohort program at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. He has served in pastoral ministry for almost 30 years and continues to serve the Church through his preaching and teaching ministry. He earned his Doctor of Ministry from Western Seminary and his Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from GRTS. Dr. Evans has been married to Marilyn for 28 years and has four children and eight grandchildren.