Arriving for your first year at college, you have all of your classes planned out. But, there is one thing you didn’t plan ahead: where to go to church. Since you don’t exactly live down the street, it’s hard to know where to start, especially in Grand Rapids—a city with hundreds of options.

Most likely, your friends are in the same boat as you. So instead of getting frustrated with all of the choices and feeling like you have to settle, make sure you look for a church that is really right for you.


The upperclassmen have all been where you are and know what it is like to be unsure of where to go for your Sunday morning service. The great thing is many of them have found their church home.

Ask them for information about where they go or about other churches they may have visited. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even get a ride!


Each year, CU Campus Ministries hosts a church fair and several churches from the area all gather on campus to give you their information. This is a great opportunity to learn about different churches and see what they are all about.

Don’t expect to leave this event empty-handed. Plus, it’s a fun way to fill up your candy jar.


Whether you have a running list of potential choices or just a few churches in mind, you don’t have to make a final decision quite yet. For your first few Sundays at school, visit some of the different options, and find out if you can see yourself staying at a specific church. Each one is a little different.

I didn’t end up going to one specific church until my sophomore year; don’t give up, you will find one.


No matter which church you decide, the most important thing is that you are comfortable and growing with God! Note: It’s alright if it’s a different place than your friends.

While you might be a stranger now, once you get connected with some of the members you will begin to feel right at home.


No matter where you end up, the great part about all of the people you meet in the process is they do not treat it like a church competition. Everyone just wants you to find a place that is right for you.

And once you find a place, don’t stop there. Find out ways you can get plugged into the church using your spiritual gifts to serve. Let it be a great four years!