While our chapel services and many other public worship gatherings are temporarily canceled, we invite you to gather with those in your home or small communities, similar to the early church. We will be providing liturgies to guide your worship gatherings centered on Mark 14-16 written by Cornerstone University staff and students. We will post a new one each week as well as one for Good Friday.

Though we may not be gathered together physically, the Campus Ministries team anticipates seeing how the Spirit will convict, encourage and guide us, through the illumination of the Scriptures, as we journey to the cross during this season of Lent.

This week’s liturgy is written by CU student Ben Bailey.


In this portion of Mark 14, we see how Jesus was treated before He died on the cross. He was falsely accused (v. 53-59), then persecuted (v. 63-65) and denied by one of his disciples (v. 72). This section is one that brings heartbreak to the current follower of Christ. But, often we do not notice how it points to our need of a savior, a savior who covers our nakedness (v. 51,52). One may ask, “How does this Scripture apply to my life … and what’s up with the random naked dude following Jesus?”

This season has been one full of a plethora of emotions for people. For some, there is a fear of an at-risk family member becoming ill. For others, it’s the mourning of losing experiences that cannot be given back. The Lord wants to walk with His people through this trying time. So before we start this liturgy, let’s start by giving our burdens to the Lord.

Song: “I Give Myself Away” (Play until 5 minutes and 20 seconds in, and then pause the video.)


The people were trying to pull accusations out of thin air in order to deem Jesus as “guilty.” They went to a higher official trying to find affirmation in their false accusations. But other witnesses could not agree and the people could not come together to formulate a legitimate accusation. How often do we try to deem God as guilty? “God if you only did _____ then I would have ____.” Or, how often do we go to our own higher officials in order to find affirmation in what we want? But our earthly affirmations never last.

Scripture Reading: Mark 14:53-59


Dear Lord,
We have heard of when you moved a nation through the Red Sea,
We have heard of when you invited Peter to walk on the water,
And Lord, we ask that you would do the same with your people today,
So that our faith would be strengthened within your community of believers,
In the name of Jesus, Amen.


The Son of God came to save the world of their sins. Being persecuted because He told the truth. Did the people not realize the prophecies being fulfilled? Many followers of Christ become upset reading through this passage thinking, “How could they have done this to Jesus, did they not know who He was?!”

Take a moment of silence.

Ponder and ask the Lord to reveal in which ways we spit in His face.

  • How do we slander Him without knowing who He is?
  • Is it by ignoring the widows and orphans?
  • Is it by hating other people groups or cultures?

Scripture Reading: Mark 14:60-65

Song: “Here I Am To Worship” (Hit play from where you paused the video.)


Many of us are thinking, “Peter, you messed up.” Instead of reading about our likeness to Peter (because I think that point has been hit on quite a bit), let’s go back and read verses 51 and 52.

We’re back at the well-anticipated naked man running after Jesus. A random guy, with no clothes. What does he have to do with betrayal and persecution? The naked man is symbolic of our need for a covering. He embodies how without the Lord we are naked, our shame is exposed. But, Jesus covered us with His sacrifice. And because of His perfect act of grace, we are no longer slaves to sin or shame.

Scripture Reading: Mark 14:66-72

Dear Redeeming Lord,
We have seen you make a way for redemption at the Garden,
We have seen you make a way for redemption at the Cross,
We ask that you would redeem us, cover our nakedness,
So that we may no longer experience the shackles of sin and shame,
In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Song: “Break Every Chain