Homecoming and Family Weekend is just around the corner. There are so many amazing reasons to come back to campus, we don’t have time to list them all! But, the Alumni Association created a list of the top 10 reasons that you should attend Homecoming and Family Weekend this September.

Here is our list of the top 10 reasons why you should attend.

  1. The sights and smells of CU in the fall. You don’t want to miss the flowers, the cool autumn breeze blowing across the pond, the leaves changing colors, Cindy’s chocolate chip cookies in the cafeteria on Fridays, the Quincer lounge … well, okay, maybe not the last one!
  2. It’s the opening weekend of ArtPrize and Brother Michael Stevens will be leading tours in downtown Grand Rapids with Professor Randy Burghart.
  3. Professor Ray “Gator” Gates will be leading an Alumni Bog Walk. If you’ve ever wanted to jump into muck up to your neck, now’s your chance!
  4. The Jack and Mary De Witt Center for Science and Technology is close to completion and campus is looking better than ever.
  5. Saturday night is the Pop Scholars Improv Comedy Show. There’s no better way to end your weekend than with a couple hours of laughter!
  6. We’ve told you about the sights and smells, but you also don’t want to miss the sounds! In collaboration with the Music Division, we have some incredibly talented musicians who will be performing all weekend. There’s even an opportunity for alumni to participate in an open mic night.
  7. Connect with old classmates as we celebrate milestone reunions for the classes of 2013 (5 Year Reunion), 2008 (10 Year Reunion), 1993 (25 Year Reunion), 1978 (40 Year Reunion) and anyone with a graduation year before 1968!
  8. What better way to be the hands of feet of Jesus than by partnering with the men’s soccer team in their annual Night of Nets game, a global campaign and partnership to end malaria.
  9. Reconnect with your favorite professors, teammates and friends! Reminiscing will be done by all.
  10. In chapel on Friday, President Stowell will be joined by Austin Lash (B.S. ’17), Breanna Chapman, Lauren Shear (B.S. ’14), Kris Shear (B.A. ’13), Kris Rolls (B.S. ’12), Jake Patridge (B.A. ’15) and Brad Spead (B.S. ’11) for a special alumni-led worship service.

For more reasons why you should attend Homecoming and Family Weekend 2018, make sure to check out the full weekend schedule. You can also share our event on Facebook. See you in September!