This week in chapel, Dr. Don Denyes spoke a message called “Waiting with Faith” which was based on John 2:19. Like the disciples in this passage, “we are slow to believe everything the Scripture says. We have Kingdom in our theology, and glory, but we don’t have suffering and cross.” Jesus patiently explained the promises of the Scriptures to His disciples until they finally got it. In the same way, God is patient with us as we struggle to grasp His promises and believe them whole-heartedly.

Unexpected events, unfulfilled expectations and unsolved mysteries fight against our unreserved acceptance and belief of God’s promises. The Resurrection gives us hope because it guarantees that every promise from the Lord is true.


Don Denyes is the senior pastor at South Church in Lansing, Michigan. He earned his M.A. in New Testament from Biblical Theological Seminary and his D.Min. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Don serves as adjunct professor of Homiletics at GRTS. He is married to Nancy and they have five daughters and six grandsons.