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Cornerstone University is Lowering Tuition 22% for 2024/2025

Cornerstone University is Lowering Tuition 22% for 2024/2025

An outstanding accredited private Christian university degree is more affordable than you think, and more valuable to your future than ever.

Cornerstone University is lowering its tuition price by 22% for traditional undergraduate students for the 2024-25 academic year as part of its strategic growth initiative. The university aims to increase awareness that its high-quality private Christian university education is more affordable than traditional college students and families might realize compared to other private and public universities.

What is the new tuition amount for 2024-25?
Tuition for the academic year will be reset from the 2023-24 tuition price of $28,300 to $22,000 for 2024-25 for traditional undergraduate degrees.

Why is tuition being reset?
Some students and families perceive that a quality, private college education is financially out of reach. Cornerstone wants to change that perception by resetting its tuition to a rate that is closer to what students actually pay. In reality, students rarely pay the full published price once scholarships and aid are factored in. Nearly 100% of new Fall 2024 students are projected to receive scholarships and financial aid. With the national average private college tuition priced at $42,000, Cornerstone University is one of the most affordable private universities in the nation.

“Cornerstone University believes that an outstanding, private Christian education should be attainable for all students and families,” said Dr. Gerson Moreno-Riaño, president of Cornerstone University. “The tuition reset reflects our commitment to removing financial barriers to affordability and offers tuition transparency. As we continue our strategic growth initiatives, Cornerstone wants every student to experience the best possible education that prepares them for a Christ-centered flourishing career and life.”

What is the benefit to new students?

  • Starting with the Fall 2024 semester, tuition for the academic year will be reduced and reset from the 2023-24 tuition price of $28,300 to $22,000 for 2024-25.
  • Nearly 100% of new students will receive financial aid through scholarships and grants to make their educational career goals even more of a reality. 

How affordable is Cornerstone compared to other private Christian colleges or public universities?

  • Cornerstone is significantly more affordable than many other private colleges in Michigan and the nation, whose average tuition cost is $42,000 annually, not including room and board.  Regionally, Cornerstone offers great value to students in Michigan.

  • We offer the Cornerstone Commitment Grant for eligible families to pay no out-of-pocket tuition. In partnership with the Michigan Achievement Scholarship for recent high school graduates, families with the highest level of demonstrated financial need can qualify for a matching Cornerstone grant up to the full cost of tuition.

What is the value of a Cornerstone University accredited degree?
Our most important distinctive is our mission – to educate graduates to influence the world for Jesus Christ. Our accredited, 75+ academic degrees and student learning experiences are grounded in the university’s mission to educate bold, Christ-centered, influential graduates from a sophisticated academic  experience and Biblical Christian worldview

  • This year, Cornerstone invested in enhancing our academic programs by creating four new industry-aligned schools and realigning Cornerstone Theological Seminary to offer students a seamlessly integrated Christian university experience.
  • Our CU Promise and CU LEAD initiatives are aligned with the recent National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) in-demand job and market skills report. 
  • From Golden Eagles sporting events, to music and worship, to clubs and service events, to the fun of city life in Grand Rapids, the CU college experience offers a vibrant campus life.

“We are excited to make a Cornerstone University degree possible for undergraduate students,” said Heidi Cece, vice president for enrollment and marketing. “Our experienced admissions counselors, academic success advisors and campus spiritual life teams are ready to welcome students to start this important life-changing journey with transparency from the start.” 

Call or email us today and get the conversation started! Your career and influential future could be one phone call away, so schedule your visit or call our admissions office at 616.222.1426.

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