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CU Affirms Biblical Foundations

News Dec. 21, 2022

Cornerstone University is preparing to achieve greater levels of mission impact at an important historical moment. Preparing influencers for Jesus Christ who live according to the gospel has never been more urgent or more challenging as the fabric of society finds itself in conflict and disarray.

Recent Barna research shows America with rapidly declining faith:

         Only 6% of American adults hold a Biblical worldview, and only 37% of Christian pastors possess a Biblical worldview.

America’s earliest universities like Harvard and Yale were established to train ministers in theology and sacred languages. Harvard’s early motto, Veritas Christo et Ecclesiae, meant “Truth for Christ and the Church.” Those convictions for many universities have long-since expired. Now, alarmingly, universities and increasingly Christian universities and Christian churches and pastors are rejecting Scripture as the source of truth, knowledge and morality.

A 2022 recent Gallup poll declares that “a record-high 50% of Americans rate the overall state of moral values in the U.S. as ‘poor’” as the fraying of our social fabric creates chaos, division and societal unrest.

Reinforcing Christian Beliefs

Cornerstone University has responded to these cultural headwinds with an unwavering Biblical worldview. CU’s response sets it apart and will propel the university forward for generations to come as the destination of choice amongst Christian universities.

After nine months of extensive campus-wide collaboration, the university is publishing three historic Board-affirmed foundational statements rooted in the Cornerstone Confession.

The Cornerstone Confession is the foundational doctrinal statement of Cornerstone University and is signed annually by Cornerstone trustees, faculty and staff. It expresses our commitment to the key teachings of Scripture as interpreted through the ecumenical creeds of the early church, the chief insights of the Reformation and evangelical Christianity.

Each of the Three New Documents Express Specific Faith Commitments

The Cornerstone Christian Worldview is a comprehensive outlook from a Christ-centered worldview on all parts of life based on the Holy Scriptures—the Bible—and is a guide for living and understanding the world.

The Cornerstone Academic Vision Statement articulates the principles that the people of Cornerstone University commit to embodying so that, together in unity, CU can educate students to be influencers in their world for Jesus Christ.

The Cornerstone Beautiful Christian Community is one that reflects the beauty of God—as perfectly revealed in Jesus Christ—through the working of the Word and the Holy Spirit. Cornerstone University—its faculty, staff and students—are committed to being this kind of community.

These foundational documents reflect the most essential, relevant commitments that will encourage a culture of love, care, humility and excellence that honors God’s vision for all creation as expressed through Scripture. Students and future alumni will be prepared to influence the world for Jesus Christ for generations to come!

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