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Effective Economics Graduates Are Urgently Needed Post Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) Collapse According to Cornerstone University Professor Jeffery Degner

Academics Mar. 28, 2023

Jeffery Degner, assistant professor of Economics at Cornerstone University, recently urged business students to strongly consider an Economics major or minor to be a part of better solutions to prevent similar predictable crises like the SVB collapse in the future.

During a recent special presentation to students, Predictable and Preventable:  How Easy Money Killed Silicon Valley Bank, professor Degner asserted, “This is not an isolated incident and this will not be the last bank that will collapse under these market conditions.” In fact, just 5 days after his comments, UBS bought out the giant bank, Credit Suisse, after it collapsed under massive financial losses.

Degner pointed to the regulation from the Federal Reserve and its “easy money” monetary policies that were predicted by experienced economists to lead to inflation and create the conditions that could weaken the banking sector, precipitating bank collapses like SVB’s by those responding to the Federal Reserve’s incentives.

“If you had studied with us, and understood what banks do with large deposits, then you would have known that situations like this would have occurred,” said Degner. 

An economics degree or minor from Cornerstone is distinctive from other programs by blending a biblical worldview alongside the highly regarded Austrian School of Economics. Utilizing this approach, students study real-world economic phenomena, and the economists who consistently and accurately predicted the current inflationary and banking crises as well as accurately predicted many other current economic challenges created by the Federal Reserve’s policies.

In Degner’s “Money and Banking” course, students explore what money is, how it predictably works in the real world, and how the Federal Reserve’s policies encourage banks to generate continued reckless behavior, risking the nation’s – and the world’s – monetary system.

More broadly, Cornerstone economics students will understand how all human interactions relate to economics in large corporations, small businesses, political organizations, nonprofits, churches, families and more. Cornerstone economics graduates go on to boldly provide Christ-centered, influential economic insight to global organizations, investment firms, hedge funds, missions agencies and churches.

Professor Degner’s enthusiasm for preparing a new generation of knowledgeable capable business leaders is transparent, saying ”We want to develop influencers for Christ, but also people who will go into the marketplace, particularly the banking industry, and be a part of the solutions.”

For more information about how to apply for a business bachelor’s degree or master’s degree program or one of Cornerstone’s 75 degree programs, please call 616-949-5300

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