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Your dedication to achieving your goals and pursuing professional development can add value to your organization. As you apply what you learn in the classroom to your current or aspired career, you’ll cultivate influence and transformation for your organization. Your employer may seek to partner with you through tuition discounts or reimbursement benefits as you make this important investment.

Tuition Discounts

At Cornerstone University, we’re dedicated to equipping you to advance in adding value to your career and work. Through our diverse partnerships with businesses, schools, and nonprofit organizations, you can invest in yourself, boost company culture, and add value to your organization. Through these partnerships, we’re proud to offer tuition discounts that can help support you as you persevere in achieving your goal. Connect with your company or reach out to your enrollment counselor to discover if your organization is a partner.

Employee Reimbursment

Another way your organization may seek to support you in this investment in you and in your future influence is through employee reimbursement benefit programs. If your organization offers educational benefits, they may pay for your tuition upfront—through employer billing—or reimbursement of your tuition.

Employer billing provides payments prior to your class starting. If you have a remaining balance after your employer’s contribution, you’re responsible for that amount.

Tuition reimbursement is when your employer pays for your classes after you’ve already paid. If you use this method, you’ll need to pay for your classes before they start.

Through our pay-as-you-go payment structure, receiving employer billing or tuition reimbursement benefits makes it easy for both you and your employer to invest in your future influence.

I have kids, I’m married and work a full-time job, so the format was conducive to being able to do all those things and still go to school. I was able to go to class one night a week for four hours. Life was busy; the flexibility was nice.

Eric Hines (B.S. ’19)

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