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A study of the principles and practices of personal stewardship through the lens of a Christian worldview. Students apply learning by synthesizing their own personal financial plan. Topics include: budgeting, taxes, banking, credit, investments, retirement, estate planning, education funding, contentment and generosity.

Having been an exercise science student for two and a half years at Cornerstone University, my knowledge concerning real-world use of money was about as low as it possibly could have been. I enrolled in BUS-241 in hopes to learn more about wise financial decision-making for my future but what I took away from the course was so much more than that. Not only did my financial wisdom and understanding increase immensely, I learned how to be a steward of not just my money, but my time and my God-given gifts. Simply put, I learned that God owns it all. I would recommend this course to ANYONE, especially students who are not after a business, financially centered major or minor. This course will provide you with the knowledge necessary to be a Godly steward of your money, without making the navigation of financials in the world seem overwhelming.
—Sam Bussler ‘23

Pre-requisites:        None

Locations:         Main Campus

Offered:           Every Semester