Carly Joseph (B.A. ’23) is a standout athlete, leader and active contributor to the Cornerstone community. This past summer, she interned in Las Vegas at Grace City Church for a program focusing on evangelism in the city. As part of the internship, she learned how to better understand her spiritual gifts and use them to approach conversations about Christ with others.

When Carly first heard about the opportunity, she felt a call to be part of it.

“Once I heard about it the Lord told me, ‘Carly if you go to this you’re gonna grow a ton and you’re gonna learn about me a lot. But in order to grow, you’re gonna be pushed outside your comfort zone a lot’,” she said.

It proved to be true.

Ministry as Life Style

Much of the program’s ministry hinges on creating space for conversations where the interns are able to minister to, pray for healing for or share the gospel with strangers. Carly shared that while she always knew evangelism was important, she never fully understood it’s impact. At first, talking to people you don’t know can be scary, but if you have a drive to see them know Jesus or experience a breakthrough, it puts the importance of the interaction into perspective.

While Carly and the other interns got to see so much freedom and healing—and multiple salvations—throughout the summer, Carly shared that her favorite testimony from the summer was the first opportunity she had to pray for healing.

While on a run with a couple of the other interns, they passed a homeless man on the side of the road. Carly felt that they should go back and talk to him. Upon going back and meeting the man, he shared with them that his ankle was hurt. The girls asked if they could pray for healing and he said yes. After praying over his ankle it was fully healed and he was able to stand and jump on it.

Carly was so encouraged by the encounter because she didn’t want to  go to Las Vegas to do ministry there and not carry it back into her day to day life. God showed her then and continues to show her now that if she listens to the voice of the Holy Spirit, there are always opportunities for people to encounter Him.

“I ask myself, ‘What would Jesus do?’,” Carly shared. “We should only be comparing our lives to Jesus’ life. Jesus was the template for how we’re supposed to live.”

This is a mindset she has carried with her in daily life throughout her sophomore year at Cornerstone. She desires to look more like Jesus and share His love with others.

Shining Light

Carly was determined to reflect Jesus to those she encountered throughout her time in the city.

“Vegas is very dark,” said Carly, “which is all the more reason that the light of Jesus needs to be shown there. It’s so obvious that people are searching for something. There are all of these things there to fill the worldly desires people are feeling. The reason I wanted to go to Vegas is that it’s so obvious people are searching for something, they just don’t know it’s Jesus.”

I had the privilege of going to visit Carly and some other friends who were also part of the internship program while they were in Las Vegas. Even in the face of spiritual darkness, the interns sought to bring light, but they knew that they couldn’t change anything for the better without Jesus. I have seen them carry this mentality back with them to their communities (specifically the Cornerstone community) here in Michigan.

No matter where we are from, we all need Jesus.

Ministry in College

When I asked Carly if she would do this internship again, she didn’t hesitate to say yes. Even though she had to step out of her comfort zone just to go, that is where she found the most growth. She has carried what she learned in Las Vegas into her ministry here in Michigan as a college student.

“College students need to constantly be pushing themselves in their faith. And that means taking a step in the dark sometimes,” Carly shared. “Being in communion with Jesus will give you the peace about stepping out. You’re not stepping out in a way that the Lord isn’t calling you to. If He’s calling you to something and you know that you’re supposed to step out in it, he’ll be there.”

Every Cornerstone student is required to complete an internship during their time here. To check out what that could like for you check out our internship requirements.