This week in chapel, Pastor Kizombo Kalumbula preached from the scripture 1 Corinthians 15:1-21 to emphasize the hope found in the resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord and because Christ rose from the grave, we can trust that God will also raise our bodies after death. Without the truth of the resurrection, our Christian faith would be hopeless. Pastor Kalumbula taught that there are grave consequences and implication for those who deny the resurrection. If we deny the resurrection then our preaching is useless and our faith is futile for there would be no forgiveness of our sins. Without the resurrection, we become false witnesses; we continue living in our sins, and after death, we would have no hope for heaven. However, Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, and He is alive. It is here in the risen Christ that we find our hope, and it His resurrection calls us to action to proclaim his name to the ends of the earth. Listen to the whole sermon below.


Pastor Kizombo Kalumbula along with his wife, Carrie and their six children serves as one of the lead architects and pastor of family life at Tabernacle Community Church. He also does private counseling at Centennial Park Counseling Center. Pastor Kizombo’s passion in life is to love his family and seek to know God better each day. He declared his call to public ministry in 1995 while attending New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, which is also, where he met Pastor’s Marvin and Artie, and began working with other church leaders to plant Tabernacle Community Church.

Originally, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pastor Kalumbula has lived in Grand Rapids, Mich., for the past fifteen years. He obtained an undergraduate degree in religious education from Grace Bible College of Wyoming, Mich., and a graduate degree in professional counseling from Liberty University of Lynchburg, Va. The bulk of his ministry has been spent providing counseling services, primarily substance abuse counseling to women and men and their loved ones. He also served as the director of “BUD’S” (Building Up Disciples) at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Grand Rapids, Mich.