Language is important. It’s one of the foundational elements of a culture. It has the power to uplift, inform and hurt. Without language, it can be tough to communicate. And it’s something many of us can take for granted as we engage in everyday conversation.

As an educator, you have an important responsibility in empowering your students to thrive in the classroom and beyond. From early education to high school, students are shaped and inspired by those key influencers in their lives who invest in their knowledge and desire them to thrive.

Particularly in the field of ESL, there’s a great need for teachers to not only provide fundamental knowledge and experience with language but also to invest in their success as they move beyond the classroom.

With an ESL endorsement, you can take your teaching experience one step further in being equipped to meet the needs of students in your K-12 community. Move beyond the subjects you teach in school and take your next steps in being certified in ESL education.

If you’re wondering if an ESL endorsement is the right program for you, here are five reasons it could be your next step as an educator.

1. Take Your Classroom to the Next Level

As an educator, you know the power of your influence. By interacting with your students in your K-12 classroom, you can make a difference in their lives.

Through courses such as Sociolinguistics and Second Language Acquisition, you’ll continue to enhance your understanding of your students’ social and cultural contexts that heavily influence how your students learn. Meet each and every student right where they’re at by understanding their differences and inspiring positive steps forward. Through TESOL methodology courses, you’ll gain insight into best practices for instructional methods that empower your students to be successful in grasping the English language.

In addition to pursuing an ESL endorsement in this program, you’ll also earn one of two micro-credentials in either Second Language Writing and Instruction or Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching. These added credentials empower you to further make a difference in your classroom.

Your work makes a difference. Be equipped as you empower others by growing in your expertise and teaching tools with an endorsement.

Is It for Me? Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Do I have a passion for empowering others with the English language?
  • Do I have a servant’s attitude to meet my students where they’re at in meeting their language needs?
  • Am I interested in learning more about the social and cultural factors that influence the language learning process?

2. Become an ESL Teacher

Schools desire the best teachers in helping empower and support the growth and development of their students. With growing diversity in many school settings, there’s a demand for teachers equipped with training and experience in teaching English as a second language. With an endorsement, you’ll be able to grow your marketability to pursue your goals in serving your school community.

The job market for ESL teachers is growing at rates higher than the average job field. Projected through 2030, jobs in the TESOL/ESL fields are expected to be at an 11-14% increase in open positions.

Designed for current teachers with their teaching certificate, an ESL endorsement program provides you the necessary training and knowledge to confidently pass your ESL certification test.

Learn more about the steps you need to take in being certified as an ESL teacher here as an already licensed educator.

Is It for Me? Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Am I interested in earning my credentials as an ESL educator?
  • Do I aspire to take my teaching experience to the next level by meeting a need in language learning
  • Am I inspired by a career field with positive job growth projections?

3. Set an Example of Lifelong Learning

When students realize their teacher is also learning and engaging in course work, too, it might provide a boost of inspiration.

As an educator in a K-12 public school in Michigan, you are meet continuing education requirements. These requirements are designed to encourage teachers to continue as lifelong learners in gaining additional knowledge, skills and experiences they can use in their classrooms.

In addition to meeting Michigan education requirements, pursuing your own education and professional development, whether through various courses or a formal ESL endorsement or full M.A. in TESOL program, also emphasizes your dedication to being equipped to serve your students well. Your dedication to your own growth can be a powerful encouragement to your students and your fellow teachers in the value of education. No matter how comprehensive your resume or how many years you’ve been teaching, committing to being a lifelong learner brings you greater teaching credentials as well.

Is It for Me? Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Do I value engaging in lifelong learning, regardless of age or experience?
  • Do I see the importance of growing my own professional development as an example for my students?
  • Am I convinced my school environment will benefit from my steps toward continuing my professional development?

4. Expand Your Network of Teachers

As a teacher, you’ve probably experienced the camaraderie celebrated between teachers. You discuss with others about classroom problems, seeking advice on how to effectively handle a tough situation. Teamwork and community are essential.

In an ESL Endorsement program, you can learn alongside fellow certified teachers with a range of experiences and school environments. Engage in thought-provoking discussions about real issues you and your classmates witness every day in the K-12 classroom.

This supportive community also helps to provide encouragement and inspiration as you each pursue your own unique goals while working together to achieve that endorsement. Gaining insight from others can help open your mind to fresh perspectives you may not have considered before.

Is It for Me? Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Am I interested in growing my network of fellow K-12 teachers?
  • Am I willing to learn in a collaborative, supportive learning environment?
  • Do I see the value in learning from others’ experiences that can enhance my view of the world and my approach to the classroom?

5. Be Equipped for a Changing Classroom

Today’s classrooms are not what they were 50 years ago.

With the abundant presence of technology and an increasingly diverse student body, teachers face new and unique challenges not experienced years ago. Teaching and learning styles have become much more personalized, meaning educators must be equipped in meeting their students where they’re at. Students each face their own challenges and backgrounds when they enter the classroom, and educators may just heighten their effectiveness if they are aware of some of these challenges.

And for many students in this increasingly diverse community, language can be a major burden in achieving success in and outside the classroom.

As a teacher, you can step in and be an active participant in this changing and dynamic classroom environment. Being equipped yourself can help you, in turn, empower your students and inspire them to be at their best.

Is It for Me? Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Am I inspired to engage with an increasingly diverse classroom setting?
  • As an educator, do I seek to fulfill my role in setting students up for success?
  • Am I inspired by being an active participant in the changing educational landscape?

Learn and Teach With an ESL Endorsement

As a teacher, you have a unique opportunity to influence and make a difference in the lives of your students. With an ESL endorsement, you can continue your professional development in acquiring skills and experience to meet a language need in today’s classrooms. At PGS, you can complete the program and be ready for your certification test in just 18 months, all online in taking just one course at a time. And earn a micro-credential in an area that you’re most passionate about.

If you’re ready to grow your experience even more through a full graduate program our M.A. in TESOL expands on the endorsement and is designed to equip teachers, educators, ministry leaders and others in related serving roles.

Add value and experience in your role as an influential teacher. Learn more about taking your next step in ESL by connecting with our enrollment team.

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