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Master of Arts in TESOL

With your passion for language and teaching, you’ve got the opportunity to make a difference in your school, workplaces and organizations. The Master of Arts in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) provides a theory-informed curriculum with real-world applications.

Through intentional discussions with your peers and faculty with diverse backgrounds, you’ll gain new insight that deepens your knowledge and experience as you collectively prepare to serve, whether in education, health care, business or ministry. Align your learning with what you’re passionate about by taking one of four specializations. With the curriculum and instruction specialization, you can also move forward in earning an ESL endorsement.

With an M.A. in TESOL, you can fuel your authentic compassion for helping others achieve the potential you see in them.


  • Online


  • Online

Credit Hours

  • 30


With your choice of one of four specializations, you’ll advance your knowledge and experience in the unique field that you currently work in or aspire to join as an educator.

Curriculum and Instruction—Advance your role as an educator as you pursue the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) K-12 ESL endorsement.

English for Health Care—Enhance communication and service within the health care industry with this specialization focused on teaching English to health care workers. Be prepared to serve with health care institutions as an English teacher or program director.

English for Business and Organizations—Empower others with the English language in business environments. Serve in a variety of sectors, whether for-profit companies, nonprofit organizations or professional sports.

Cross-Cultural Ministry—Learn to teach English language learners within a cross-cultural context. Serve locally or internationally in organizations, missions or churches.

Admission Requirements

  • Application
  • A completed bachelor’s degree with a minimum 2.7 GPA from an accredited institution
  • Official college and/or military transcripts

Next Program Start

Take your next step as an educator on your own schedule. With flexible course scheduling, you’ll move forward in your career and personal goals.

Fall 2023

Classes start on Aug. 30 and Oct. 25, 2023

Spring 2024

Classes start on Jan. 16 and Mar. 13, 2024


Of students who work full time while pursuing a degree.


Graduation rate for master’s degrees.


Of faculty members are professing believers of Jesus Christ.

Learning Outcomes

Courses in the M.A. in TESOL program empower you with foundational language learning theories, practices and experience while tailoring your studies to where you aspire to serve. Discover various methodologies in TESOL, theories and models of second language acquisition and much more.

Achieving your goal of a degree is closer within your reach as a graduate of Cornerstone University’s traditional undergraduate program. Take advantage of applying courses you’ve previously taken to count toward your advanced degree. Learn more about this exclusive opportunity to earn your degree quicker by visiting our advanced standing page.

Program Learning Outcomes

Inspire your students to reach their potential by following yours. Our master’s in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) invites you into a supportive learning environment with a practical curriculum to serve wherever your passion for teaching takes you.

Proficiency in Terminology, Theories, Concepts, Practices and Skills

Students will demonstrate knowledge of and proficiency in the terminology, theories, concepts, practices and skills specific to the field of TESOL.

  • Identify the major theories and terminology relevant to the study of TESOL.
  • Articulate approaches to TESOL curriculum development, assessment of learning and instructional techniques.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of using technology in TESOL.
  • Understand current TESOL issues.
  • Exhibit knowledge of the structure of languages and connections to social contexts.
  • Develop materials demonstrating mastery of the essential principles of TESOL.

Competency in Applying Knowledge to Address Real-Life Problems

Students will exhibit competency in applying your knowledge to address real-life problems through both individual and group effort.

  • Demonstrate professional skills appropriate to the degree program.
  • Provide evidence of the ability to collaborate with others in achieving shared objectives.
  • Exhibit communication skills, both in written and oral forms, appropriate for your professional field.
  • Provide evidence of integrating research into addressing an issue in educational practice.

Integration of Traditional and Non-Traditional Cognitive Skills

Students will demonstrate your ability to integrate both traditional and nontraditional cognitive skills, including analytical inquiry, information literacy, quantitative fluency and communicative fluency.

Intercultural Competence

Students will demonstrate intercultural competence in addressing civic, social, environmental and economic issues. This will include issues related to multicultural education, understanding diversity and developing cultural awareness in teaching and learning.

Articulation of a Christ-Centered Worldview

Students will articulate a Christ-centered worldview and its personal, professional and communal embodiment through Christian virtues. In particular, you will demonstrate understanding of the integration of Christian worldview and TESOL education.

I am a better teacher, person and Christian. I was blessed with classmates from all over the world who opened up my mind and heart to so many different countries, cultures and languages.

Jane Porter (M.A. ’19)


Our faculty in the M.A. TESOL program are passionate about growing together in cultivating thriving communities. With their diverse experiences ranging from K-12 education to the mission field, they eagerly seek to engage in meaningful collaboration as you pursue influence in your own context.

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