This week in chapel, Pastor Christy Lipscomb spoke on the essential need of receiving the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the one who empowers us and enlivens us for the mission of the Kingdom of God. Her key texts were Acts 1:7-8 and Joel 2:28-29.

Pastor Lipscomb emphasized six ways the church is impacted when the Holy Spirit gives power and when believers respond in obedient boldness (Adapted from the NIV Application Commentary by Ajith Fernando, p. 40-41):

  1. The church should be multicultural, multilingual and multinational.
  2. The church is based on certain objective, universal facts about God. These facts cannot be solely based on our own personal truths.
  3. The church must seek to persuade people until they are fully convinced of the gospel truth.
  4. The church is called to be a place of radical generosity, in which all things are to be held in common and shared.
  5. The church has the same people performing healings and teachings. The mystery of the Spirit comes together with the Word of God.
  6. The church accepts suffering as a basic ingredient of discipleship.

Listen to the full sermon below.


Christy Lipscomb co-pastors City Life Church with her husband Adam. They have been married for about 20 years, and they have two sons Jude and Elijah. Christy graduated from Indiana Wesleyan and Asbury Theological Seminary.