As Dr. Walter Gibson began his message this week (entitled “Waiting with Confidence”), he asked two introductory questions: “How does it make you feel when someone goes out of his/her way to ask how you are doing?” and “How does it make you feel when no one asks how you are doing or what is going on in your life?”

He drew a message from the text which exhorts believers to encourage each other. As believers, we are called to both encourage others and to be encouraged by others. Dr. Gibson called us to encourage others around us, and to do so daily.


Rev. Dr. Walter R. Gibson, Jr., currently serves as pastor of Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in Lansing, Mich. Having earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from Southern Methodist University, Dr. Gibson began his theological training at the College of Biblical Studies (Houston, TX), and Houston Graduate School of Theology where he earned his master’s degree (2001) and Doctor of Ministry (2014). He is the author of the inspirational book “No More Business As Usual.” He is married to the love of his life, Tarsha Gibson, and they have two dynamic sons, Cameron and Christian.