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Cornerstone Students Gain Valuable Experience at Summer Work

News Sept. 12, 2016

Cornerstone University students Elijah Erickson, Linda Anthony and James Hardman each had an opportunity this summer to gain practical, applied experience in a real-world setting.

Erickson, a senior business marketing major, served at Tyndale Publishing as a social media intern. Tyndale Publishing is the nonprofit arm of a larger Tyndale enterprise. Its purpose is to minister to the spiritual needs of people, primarily through literature consistent with biblical principles.

At his internship, Erickson managed four social channels, while also continually developing new and creative ways to increase reach. He was also part of new launch team, where he worked with others to create unique strategies for new products and to increase consumer engagement.

Erickson said, “I have been learning throughout my time at Cornerstone that ideas are worthless without execution. Because I’m a visionary person, it’s important to remember this. My experience at Cornerstone has helped me focus on creating practical ideas.”

Linda Anthony, a senior exercise science student with a pre-physical therapy concentration, worked as the physical therapy technician at SIMIO Physical Therapy, a progressive orthopedic manual physical therapy clinic specializing in Neuro-reflexive Muscular Facilitation Techniques. While she was not part of a formal internship program, Anthony was able to use the experience at SIMIO to gain professional and academic experience.

As the physical therapy technician, Anthony supported physical therapy care delivery by preparing the treatment area, patients, materials and equipment. She also performed procedures such as ultrasound treatments and exercises with patients under the supervision of a physical therapist.

Anthony said, “This internship, along with many other experiences, has inspired me and ignited my passion to increase my knowledge and pursue my dream of becoming a physical therapist. It excites me to go after an opportunity that would allow me to play a more complex and direct role in the care of patients. I am equally enthusiastic about how Cornerstone has prepared me personally and professionally to succeed in the field of physical therapy.”

James Hardman, a senior international business and business marketing double major, had the opportunity to serve as a project management intern at Steelcase. Steelcase, founded and located in Grand Rapids, is the leading manufacturer of office furniture, interior architecture and space solutions for offices, hospitals and classrooms.

At Steelcase, James worked to renegotiate contracts with Ocean Freight Carriers, with a goal of saving $500,000 for logistics. As he progressed throughout the year, he worked on projects with Steelcase teams in Europe and Asia, aiding on startups of new manufacturing platforms.

James said, “Having the opportunity to be an intern at Steelcase has changed my perspective on what internships should be like. I always had the impression that they were a prerequisite to a real job; that you had to suffer through them to get to a career that you actually wanted.

“Steelcase defies those stereotypes with mentors that actually care about your progress, tasks that matter and a community that treats you like a real employee. I’m confident that my time at Steelcase has given me valuable experience that will make me attractive to future companies and I was able to have this opportunity through the competitions I participated in at Cornerstone for project management.”

Internship experiences offered by organizations such as Tyndale, SIMIO Physical Therapy and Steelcase don’t come without deliberate planning and a commitment to developing young talent.

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