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Cornerstone University Presents Community Event Wisdom Conversations: Being Human and Artificial Intelligence

Wisdom Conversations March 30, 2023

Cornerstone University is presenting Wisdom Conversations: Being Human and Artificial Intelligence on March 30 at 7 p.m. in Christ Chapel to explore artificial intelligence and its far-reaching impact and influence on every facet of human life. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming the most transformative, disruptive technology in human history. The race to market dominance among Big Tech companies has also sparked ethical and moral debates even among technology’s leading CEOs who admit AI’s capabilities to replicate and surpass all human capabilities offers benefits and potential threats.

“Over 77% of businesses are currently using or exploring AI for future expansion,” said Dr. Gerson Moreno-Riaño, president of Cornerstone University. “Cornerstone University will not only educate a future innovative technology workforce, but it must provide Christian thought leadership about what it means to approach transformative technology with wisdom as a human created by God.” 

Wisdom Conversations will be moderated by President Moreno-Riaño, and distinguished guest experts include:

  • R. David Edelman, IPRI distinguished fellow at MIT.
  • James Meeks, co-founder and co-CEO of Iris Technology Inc.
  • Joanna Ng, former cognitive IoT strategy and innovation chair, innovator and IBM Master Inventor at IBM Watson.

Panelists will discuss the profound impact of AI on the future of work, human-centered AI vs. human displacements, equitable outcomes, rights, privacy, security, knowledge sources, and the moral and spiritual implications of what it means to be human and created in God’s image.

Who should attend: college students, schools, teachers, technology professionals and organizations, businesses, churches, pastors, general community members and community leaders.

Wisdom Conversations is a Cornerstone University public forum that provides Christian thought leadership regarding relevant issues through an engaging, respectful discussion format. Cornerstone University’s mission is to help shape students to become bold, Christ-centered influencers in the world and to provide an excellent, distinctively Christian education to serve the community.

Reserve free event tickets today.


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