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Every corporation, every church, every nonprofit needs one thing: financial resources to bring their vision into reality. That’s what finance is all about. What’s even more important is the tireless professional working behind the scenes to make a more confident financial path a reality.

With the finance major at Cornerstone University, you’ll learn the entrepreneurial, economic and financial aspects of business. You will also be prepared to be a steward of your personal finances as well as helping others.

Degree Type

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Minor


  • On Campus
  • Residential


  • Grand Rapids

Lead With
Deep Conviction and Wisdom

As a finance professional, you have the power to change a business or family’s financial future. In this program, you will be challenged to craft solutions to real-world scenarios with the aid of faculty who have extensive experience in their field. At graduation, you’ll be fully prepared to become a business professional who is seeking first the kingdom of God. Our finance curriculum gives you a Christian view of finance, which can give you insight into more faithful financial planning, for both yourself and others.

While you’re a student at Cornerstone, you’ll interact with finance opportunities outside the classroom. You could join Enactus, a program designed to provide business-minded students with real-world sales, entrepreneurial and financial experience. Another opportunity is helping the Investment Club manage a portfolio of stocks through an immersive learning experience. Furthermore, Cornerstone is home to the Ron Blue Center, where any student can discover Christian financial principles and practices for handling debt, investing, budgeting and more.


Our finance graduates have the tenacity to take their careers anywhere. Your program will empower you to become a business professional wherever God has called you.


  • Credit analyst
  • Investment representative
  • Financial analyst
  • Investment banker
  • Chief financial officer
  • Financial or wealth adviser
  • Financial planner
  • Controller
  • Financial manager
  • Wealth manager


Before you graduate, you will be integrated into an internship program within your degree. We’ve partnered with several global businesses to provide you with crucial experience to add to your resume.


  • Steelcase
  • Byrne Electrical Specialists
  • YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids
  • O'Neill Asset Management LLC
  • Kellogg Company


Of finance graduates from the class of 2019 were employed or enrolled in graduate school within six months.


Student-to-faculty ratio with an average class size of 22.


Of students participate in internship or practicum experiences.

Program Features and
Learning Outcomes

The finance program at Cornerstone is designed to inspire your intellect, deepen your character and prepare you to lead in your career with influence and wisdom.

Study Abroad Opportunities

As a Cornerstone business student, you will have the opportunity to study abroad in places such as Dubai and the Netherlands. While there, you will learn how to combine your faith with business in the global marketplace.

Program Learning Outcomes

The finance program reflects our commitment to developing students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes in five distinct yet interconnected areas.

Specialized Knowledge

Demonstrate knowledge of and proficiency in the terminology, theories, concepts, practices and skills specific to the field of finance.

Exhibit competency in demonstrating both reasoning and analytical skills in determining optimal outcomes in contemporary financial situations.

Applied Knowledge and Collaborative Learning

Understand the domestic and international marketplace from internal, external and Christian worldview perspectives including: market roles and realities, legal and regulatory environment, economic theory and forces, financial influences and outcomes, management strategies, price system/consumer behavior, supply/demand, domestic and international regulation/marketplace, management (four functions), marketing in contemporary society and financial/accounting statements.

Demonstrate ethical leadership and proficiency in analyzing, organizing and executing basic business strategy through interpretive, interactive and innovative marketplace action in response to internal and external environments. This includes knowledge of analytic tools (gather/gain meaning from data), effective business communication methodology (oral, written and other industry-specific), business plan artifacts (financial, etc.), marketing strategy (five Ps), teamwork, leadership and innovation/entrepreneurship.

Intellectual Skills

Demonstrate your ability to integrate both traditional and non-traditional cognitive skills, including analytical inquiry, information literacy, quantitative fluency and communicative fluency.

Civic and Global Learning

Demonstrate intercultural competence in addressing civic, social, environmental and economic issues.

Biblical Worldview Integration

Articulate a Christ-centered worldview and its personal, professional and communal embodiment through Christian virtues.

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CU is dedicated to continuously improving our academic programs to provide you with the skills needed to reach your career goals. Signifying this, our bachelor’s and master’s business programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

Being in the finance program at Cornerstone has inspired me to enter the field of finance with eyes of faith. With this perspective, I am being innovative through holding integrity and a healthy view of money.

Sydney Miller (’22)

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