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Spiritual Life At Cornerstone

At Cornerstone University, Jesus Christ is central in everything we do. He is at the core of our studies, our activities and our livelihoods. His name exists in every classroom, in every residence hall—we proclaim His name across campus and beyond, dedicated to praising Him without ceasing.

Chapel Services

Four times a week, the Cornerstone community gathers for corporate worship in Christ Chapel, a sacred space for reflection and time with God. Chapels are hosted by special guests, faculty, staff and students throughout the academic year, all with the goal of pausing the day to reflect on the goodness of the LORD. Every Sunday night during the academic year, students can gather for Evensong, a student-led time of worship before the beginning of the week.

Mentor Program

Community is a vital part of Cornerstone’s campus, but so is one-on-one mentorship. If you are striving to grow spiritually, have questions or are just looking for a listening ear, our mentorship program is designed to connect you individually with a staff, faculty, student or alumnus who will walk beside you through your academic, spiritual and personal life.

Small Groups

At Cornerstone, we strive to offer you multiple opportunities to connect with your peers and develop lasting relationships. Small groups give you the opportunity to deepen your spiritual journey and cultivate a new context to grow in your relationship with God. You have the opportunity to dive into the Bible alongside faculty, staff and students or take part in grassroots groups initiated by your peers.

Local Churches

At Cornerstone, we believe that your spiritual journey is unique to you. Grand Rapids is home to hundreds of churches of multiple denominations. Each church is an opportunity for you to get involved and deepen your relationship with God off campus. We are confident that you will find a church home during your time at Cornerstone.

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