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Groundwork Financial Center

As a college student or recent graduate, it can be difficult to make financial decisions with confidence. The Groundwork Financial Center (GFC) at Cornerstone University equips our students with programs, practices and tools for sound financial spending, saving, debt management and investing based on Biblical principles. It is open to all students on Cornerstone University’s campus who want to strengthen their personal financial literacy and make wise decisions. Established in partnership with the Ron Blue Institute, our team of faculty and peer coaches will support you in this endeavor by teaching you to understand and apply concepts of financial literacy through the lens of a Christian worldview.

Peer Financial Coaching

The Groundwork Financial Center offers free financial coaching to Cornerstone students, faculty and staff! This service provides guidance in budgeting, spending, saving, debt management and investing from a biblical perspective.

Take a Personal Finance Course: BUS241

Broaden your personal financial expertise and learn skills essential for budget planning, money management, debt management, maintaining financial responsibility and more.
Available for all Cornerstone University undergraduate students.

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Adding Biblical Financial Wisdom to Your Life

The GFC offers a wide range of free opportunities that can help you grow in your understanding of money management. Many are open to Cornerstone University students, alumni, faculty, staff, and the community. Through classroom visits, workshops and special events, we can help you with your goals in attaining a financially sound future.

Do you want to learn more about a specific topic regarding finance? Request a workshop through the Groundwork Financial Center.


Additional Information

GFC Biblical Financial Wisdom Process

The process we use at the Groundwork Financial Center follows the ‘4H’s of Financial Wisdom’ model developed by the Ron Blue Institute.  The 4H model helps Christian students confidently integrate their faith into every area of their lives, including finances. It’s not enough to simply teach students about money when we can teach students how to apply true financial wisdom for a lifetime.   Our philosophy starts with four basic biblical teachings:

  1. God owns it all
  2. We are stewards of God’s resources
  3. Money is a tool to fulfill God’s plans
  4. Every financial decision we make is a spiritual decision

The 4H’s of Financial Wisdom process is a holistic process.  First, the focus is on the heart, reflecting on an individual’s strength in the areas stewardship, contentment, faith and wisdom.   Second, the 4H model evaluates financial health in the five areas we use God’s resources in our lives, to give, grow (save), owe tax, owe debt and live.   Third, we teach foundational habits to set long-term goals, spend less than you earn, plan for financial margin, give generously and avoid the use of debt.   The 4H model concludes with hope, providing students with the tools, biblical wisdom and skills to confidently integrate faith into their finances.

Free Tools for Students

Try the following free CFL calculators to estimate how much you can save for retirement or quickly pay off your student loans.

Use the investment calculator to see the power of compounding investment returns!

Investment Calculator

Use the loan calculator to calculate payment on an amortizing loan (car, home, student loans, etc.)

Loan Calculator

Use the following US Federal website to review student loan repayment scenarios.

Federal Student Loan Simulator

Advisory Board

The first academic center of its kind in West Michigan, the Groundwork Financial Center at Cornerstone University is supported by the experienced CU Business Division faculty and staff, including an advisory board made up of campus stakeholders and local financial industry leaders.

Support the Groundwork Financial Center at Cornerstone University

Cornerstone is home to the only financial center in West Michigan powered by the Ron Blue Institute. Its launch is funded by Eastbrook Homes and area financial professionals. To learn more about how you can partner with the Groundwork Financial Center at Cornerstone University, contact us.

About Ron Blue Institute

Convinced that Christians would better handle their personal finances if they were counseled objectively with the highest technical expertise from a biblical perspective, Ron Blue founded Ronald Blue & Company in 1979. This company has grown to become the largest Christian financial planning firm in the country. In addition, Blue is also the founder of Kingdom Advisors, a ministry that empowers Christian financial advisers who seek to integrate a biblical worldview into their advice and counsel.

With this same passion to equip Christians with confidence in their finances, Blue partners with various higher education institutions to teach what the Bible says about money and our responsibility to steward it wisely. Blue has authored eighteen books, including “Master Your Money,” “The Complete Guide to Faith-Based Family Finances” and “Surviving Financial Meltdown.” His philosophy of Heart, Health, Habits and Hope, provides a framework for gaining financial wisdom and examining your stewardship practices.

Ron Blue Institute Website

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