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President's OfficeA Legacy of Leadership: Celebrating the Presidency of Dr. Joseph M. Stowell

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Dr. Joe Stowell didn’t sign on to become president of Cornerstone University for the paperwork—he did it for the people. Over his 14 year tenure, Dr. Stowell touched so many lives through his relational leadership and his spheres of influence. It’s time to celebrate all that he’s done and express our gratitude for his impact on Cornerstone’s community.

Joe’s Spheres of Influence

Joe had an indelible impact on Cornerstone’s campus during his presidency, one that will be felt for decades to come. In this series of blog posts, various members of the Cornerstone community reflect on Joe’s influence, including trustees, staff members and faculty.

Interview With Doug Busch, Board of Trustees Member

Interview With Cindy Wiltheiss, Director of Food Service

Guest Book

In a guest book for Joe, CU alumni shared fond memories of President Stowell and his years of dedicated campus leadership.

Introducing the Joe and Martie Stowell Ministry Leaders Scholarship

Dr. Stowell and Martie have enjoyed many distinguished decades in evangelical ministry and Christian higher education. The Joe and Martie Stowell Ministry Leaders Scholarship honors their lifetime of service and provides students the opportunity to earn an M.Div. degree with little or no educational debt.

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